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Stay comfortable all year round with state-of-the-art heating and cooling technology.

Heat pump air conditioning systems have revolutionised the way we control indoor temperatures in our homes and businesses.

These innovative devices not only provide efficient and cost-effective cooling during the summer months but also offer heating capabilities during the winter. By harnessing the principles of heat transfer, heat pump air conditioners are not just eco-friendly but also wallet-friendly, making them a popular choice for homeowners looking to optimise comfort while minimising energy consumption.

Heat pump air conditioning partners that we work with

Mitsubishi Electric take pride in being specialists in residential heating and offering a variety of renewable heating options.

If you are looking to enhance the energy efficiency of your home heating system, the Ecodan range of air source heat pumps are the ideal choice.

These heat pumps provide efficient and renewable heating to households. They are perfect for homeowners who want to upgrade to an eco-friendlier option. Additionally, if you are a housing developer working on a project, their high-quality heat pumps and accompanying products are a great fit for you.

A guide to Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

The Ecodan air source heat pump is a fantastic renewable heating system that effectively warms your home by harnessing heat from the air outside and distributing it throughout your property. The best part? These heat pumps operate with minimal noise and can be conveniently placed anywhere outside your home. All it requires is a connection to electricity and water to start working its magic. By utilising this heat pump, your property will enjoy continuous heating and hot water, ensuring a comfortable temperature all year round.

What sets the Ecodan heat pumps apart is the exceptional design tailored specifically for the UK climate. They are capable of functioning efficiently even at freezing temperatures as low as -25 degrees. Furthermore, these heat pumps can seamlessly integrate with any type of heating system you prefer, whether it’s underfloor heating or traditional radiators.

An impressive benefit of the Ecodan heat pump is its outstanding energy efficiency. For every kilowatt of energy it consumes, it generates a remarkable three kilowatts of heat energy. This means it operates at an incredible 300% efficiency, surpassing the efficiency of oil and gas, which typically only achieve 90%.

A guide to Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

Experience the sleek and high-performance MSZ-LN series air conditioners, available in four stunning colors: Ruby Red, Onyx Black, Natural White, and Pearl White. These units, ranging from 1.8 to 5.0kW, not only add a touch of elegance to any indoor space but also create the ideal atmosphere.

The controller for these air conditioners offers a range of convenient features, including backlit controllers, scheduling options, and the option to customize with silver, chrome, or brushed covers. The user-friendly screens make navigating and adjusting settings a breeze.

Introducing the Zen MSZ-EF series, a stylish and versatile air conditioning solution that perfectly complements any home decor. Available in Black, White, and Silver, these units effortlessly blend with both modern and traditional styles.

With a range of options from 2.5kW to 5.0kW, the Zen MSZ-EF series combines elegance with whisper-quiet operation. The controller offers a host of convenient features, including backlit controllers, scheduling options, and the ability to personalise with optional covers in silver, chrome, or brushed finishes. The intuitive screens make it easy to navigate and adjust settings.

Introducing the Elegance series, a fusion of sleek design and energy efficiency. With its air purifying filter, this line of air conditioners ensures a clean and fresh indoor environment by effectively eliminating bacteria, mould, and odours.

What sets the Elegance series apart is its remarkably quiet operation, producing noise levels as low as 19 dBA. This breakthrough technology takes comfort cooling to unparalleled levels, providing a tranquil and undisturbed atmosphere in your living space.

The controller included with the Elegance series offers a range of convenient features. Equipped with backlit controllers, it remains easily visible and usable even in low-light conditions. Take advantage of the scheduling options to effortlessly program your air conditioner to operate at specific times, optimisng both comfort and energy savings. Plus, with its user-friendly screens, adjusting settings has never been simpler.

Introducing the highly versatile Elegance MFZ-KT series, specifically designed for wall-attached installation at floor level. This makes it an ideal choice for conservatories or loft rooms where wall space is limited. Its lightweight and compact design ensures easy installation and maintenance, providing convenience and peace of mind.

The Elegance MFZ-KT series takes energy efficiency to the next level with its in-built 7-day timeclock. This innovative feature allows for precise control over the air conditioner’s operation, maximising energy savings without compromising on comfort. Set your desired temperature and schedule the unit to automatically adjust its settings throughout the week, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

The Classic is a flat panel wall-mounted system that goes beyond simply providing cool air. With the latest inverter technology, this system continuously regulates the temperature, ensuring that it stays just the way you want it, regardless of any external temperature changes.

One of the key benefits of this system is its easy control. With user-friendly controls and a clear display, adjusting the settings and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment has never been easier. Say goodbye to complicated controls and hello to effortless operation.

Energy efficiency is another advantage of the flat panel wall-mounted system. The inverter technology optimises the energy usage, allowing the unit to adjust its power output based on the cooling needs. This not only reduces energy consumption but also helps to lower your utility bills.

Furthermore, our system is highly adaptable to your unique needs. Whether it’s a small room or a larger space, our system can be customized to suit your requirements. The compact design ensures that it seamlessly integrates into any room, while providing efficient and effective cooling.

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