Reduce your energy bills

At Home Team we are always looking for ways to reduce energy bills. We understand that rising fuel costs have a financial impact on families and businesses across the UK and its a trend that is set to continue. The consumer group Which? estimated that within 6 years energy bills could rise by as much as £640 per household per year. It’s a worrying but credible estimate and something that you can’t afford to listen to. That’s why our highly trained team and Local Area Representatives are here to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and help you drive costs down without it costing the earth.

It’s not always about having a brand new energy efficient boiler installed. Often, small changes to your heating system or control upgrades can make significant savings on your energy bills. Did you know for example that by installing a ‘Smart Heating Controller’ you could save up to 15% on your heating bills! Not bad considering they can often be fitted within the hour and without any major disruption.

We don’t stop there though!

Home Team provide a range or services designed to compliment the home or business premise including insulation products to renewable technologies and low cost energy suppliers such as the Utility Warehouse. Let’s consider just these three key areas:


Correctly insulating your property for instance can have a huge impact on reducing your energy consumption. From loft insulation to cavity wall, under-floor and External Wall Insulation, Home Team can arrange for your property to be assessed and upgraded often at no cost at all. So what do you have to lose? Only what you’re spending now!


At Home Team we love Renewable Technologies – as far as we are concerned – they are the future for UK homes. Did you know for example that a new Air Source Heat Pump is up to 400% more efficient than your standard boiler? This means that for every £1 you spend on running it you could get back the equivalent of £4 worth of heating. Or, have you considered a Solar Panel system that generates electricity for your home whilst generating a nice little income for those much needed family breaks? These are just a couple of the available technologies which our team can discuss with you.

Energy Supplier

We’ve all read the stories about the big six energy companies and their relentless quest to line the pockets of their respective shareholders at your cost! So when we discovered the Utility Warehouse, a discount club designed to save money on your energy bills (as well as Phone, Broadband and Mobile) we couldn’t help but like them. And don’t take our word for it, they have won numerous awards including Which? Best Provider and Best Gas and Electricity Provider for Value
for money in the 2014 Moneywise Home Finances awards. Why not check them out here:

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