Free boiler scheme – how can I get a free boiler?

Getting a brand new boiler and having it installed can look expensive on first glance – but did you know you could actually get a boiler completely free of charge? Thanks to government-run free boiler schemes, you may be able to replace your existing boiler without paying a penny.

Here we’re taking a look at some of the existing free boiler schemes, and how they work.

Free boiler through the ECO Affordable Warmth scheme

The ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) was brought in by the government to force energy suppliers to do more to improve energy efficiency in the UK. Part of the deal is the Affordable Warmth Scheme – a scheme to help low-income households make home improvements that will reduce their energy bills.

Through the Affordable Warmth Scheme you could get a completely free boiler to replace your old energy-hungry one. What’s more, your new boiler will be more energy efficient, meaning less energy is used and your bills should be cheaper. What’s there to lose?

Get in touch with our qualified engineers to find out more about getting a free boiler under the Affordable Warmth scheme.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Affordable Warmth scheme covers more than just a free boiler. You may also qualify for home insulation improvements such as cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, both of which can make a big difference to your home’s ability to keep heat in and cold out.

Free boiler through the Green Deal

The Green Deal is another government-run scheme to help people improve their home’s energy efficiency, and it could help you get a brand new boiler effectively free of charge.

On the Green Deal, you’ll be able to get a new boiler without paying a penny up-front, and you’ll get cheaper energy bills. It works by setting up an interest-free finance agreement that is attached to your electricity meter, so if you move out you won’t have any more to pay. The finance is repaid on top of your monthly energy bills, but you should still end up paying less each month thanks to the improvement in energy efficiency.

Many of our best boilers are available through the Green Deal. To find out more, talk to our qualified engineers and find out how you could get a free boiler.

Free boiler through the Warm Front scheme

The Warm Front scheme was another government scheme designed to help people with their energy bills. Unfortunately, this scheme ended in January this year. However, if you’re looking for a free boiler then you may still qualify for one of the other schemes we’ve mentioned here.

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