Central heating advice this Christmas

Tips and advice about keeping your central heating working properly this Christmas.

It’s that time of year again where living in the UK can give you the shivers. Did you know that UK houses are some of the most draughty in Europe? Well here’s some central heating advice to keep the heat in as well as save you a few pounds on central heating for the festive season.


Tips about windows

Make use of the heat generated by the (little) sunshine we have by opening the curtains and shades on south-facing windows. And don’t forget to shut them at night to keep the precious warmth in.

This sounds obvious but keep windows well sealed. It’s worth the time to do a check around to ensure that no precious heat is escaping.

Getting the most from radiators

While you’re getting your place sparkling for Christmas visitors, don’t forget to dust the radiator. A dust free machine will work more efficiently and will help allergy sufferers.

Speaking of Christmas guests, you might have extra washing chores with visitors coming and going, but avoid blocking the radiator with excessive clothes and towels. Heat needs to circulate around the room and reach the ceilings so keep the decks clear.

Consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient boiler or central heating system. It makes sense to trade in your old one for a more modern version so have a chat to a boiler expert. It could save you 10% in central heating costs.

Also make sure you get the radiator serviced by a Gas Engineer if you have any concerns about its efficiency.

Around this time of year you properly spend most of the time sipping mulled wine by the stove or spacing out with Christmas flicks in the TV room. So it makes sense to keep the radiator off in unused spaces. After all it only takes a few minutes for a radiator to warm up when you do change rooms.

If the pressure in your boiler is too low, you can top it up by using the filling loop, which is a little tap (usually located on or near your boiler) which you turn to top-up the system with enough extra water to bring the pressure back up.

Regularly replace heating system filters and consider a Power Flush to make sure you really get the most out of your radiators.

Stopping draughts

As with windows, heat can escape from unsealed door frames. So while hanging up your front-door wreath or “Santa Stop Here” sign, why not fit out the door frames with draft-resistant foam strips? You’ll really notice the difference.

Fit draught excluders on the foot of exterior doors, pantry, cellar or any doors leading to external doors.

Tips about water heating

Turn your water thermostat down to 48C (120 F), this will save you money as well as provide a safety measure for any kids in your house.

Install low-flow shower heads.

Try to use the energy-saving settings on washing machines and dishwashers. You could also wash clothes in cold water.

For further advice, speak to one of our expert boiler and heating engineers here at Home Team. We’re happy to help you keep warm in your home.